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  • 06/01/2019
    • Graz's 10
    • Sahl's 3
    • DB Allen 10
    • Capri 11
  • 05/31/2019
    • DB Allen 2
    • Sahl's 13 
  • 05/22/2019
    • Capri 1
    • DB Allen 7 
  • 05/18/2019
    • DB Allen 10
    • Sahl's 9 
  • 05/16/2019
    • DB Allen 7
    • Clinton1 8 
  • 05/15/2019
    • Sahl's 13
    • Graz's 4 
  • 05/11/2019
    • Capri 0
    • DB Allen 9
    • Sahl's 9
    • Graz's 2
  • 05/08/2019
    • Sahl's 8
    • DB Allen 4 
  • 05/07/2019
    • Sahl's 3
    • DB Allen  5 
  • 05/04/2019
    • DB Allen 9
    • Capri  7 
    • Graz's 0
    • Sahl's  6 
  •   5/01/2019
    • Clinton1  1
    • Fire Department  10 
    • Capri  1
    • Sahl's  14 
  • 04/30/2019
    • Cliffs  17
    • Burrows  6 
    • Graz's  2
    • DB Allen  6 



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  minor champs - DB Allen
2019 Minor League Champions - DB Allen

Team Members:

Joseph Camerota
Khilee Camerota
Brayden Carro
Jacob Kent
Cohen Kraeger
Kali Kraeger
Jackson LaMonica
Camryn LoRusso
Quinten LoRusso
Darin Mimassi
Mitchell Mimassi
Caysen Stapleton
Jayden Stapleton


Jeff Kraeger
Vinny LoRusso
Mike Mimassi
Matt Carro
Corey Stapleton
06-18-2019 DB Allen (12) @ Graz's (6)

DB Allen secured 1st place with a 12-6 win over Graz's to become the 2019 Oriskany Minor League Champions. Darin Mimassi was 3-for-3 with a single, double, and triple. Jacob Kent hit 2-for-2 with two singles. Camryn LoRusso hit a double. Mitchell Mimassi, Brayden Carro, Khilee Camerota, and Quinten LoRusso each hit singles. Graz's had a huge 4th inning racking up 6 hits and scoring 3 runs. Jace Philips started things off with a home run. Landon Volz tripled and Evan Mason followed with a home run. Chase Larson and Blake Philips then singled. Earlier in the game Victor Smith hit a double. Pitching for DB Allen was Darin Mimassi, Camryn LoRusso, Jayden Stapleton, and Mitchell Mimassi. Victor Smith, Landon Volz, and Evan Mason pitch for Graz's.
06-13-2019 Graz's (6) @ DB Allen (10)

A late 5th inning rally wasn't enough for Graz's to erase an early 10-5 deficit. Graz's started the 5th with the top of the order and their first 4 batters reached base. Blake Philips singled, Landon Volz doubled, Evan Mason singled, and Chase Larson singled but they were only able to get one additional run. Earlier in the game Landon hit a single and Fred Smith and Victor Smith hit doubles. Brayden Carro hit a triple for DB Allen. Jackson LaMonica hit one in front of home plate but Graz's catcher Landon Volz made a great play and throw to 1st to get him out by a step. Darin Mimassi started on the mound for DB Allen and his brother Mitchell came on in relief to hold Graz's scoreless in the 2nd. Evan Mason and Fred Smith did a great job pitching for Graz's.
06-07-2019 DB Allen (13) @ Graz's (2)

DB Allen strung together 13 hits resulting in 13 runs and a 13-2 win over Graz's. Cohen Kraeger, Camryn LoRusso, and Brayden Carro were each 2-for-2 at the plate. Cohen hit a triple and a double. Camryn hit a single and a 2 RBI double. Brayden hit two singles. Joseph Camerota and Mitchell Mimassi each hit doubles. Also with hits for DB Allen were Darin Mimassi, Jayden Stapleton, Khilee Camerota, Jacob Kent, and Kali Kraeger. Landon Volz was 2-for-2 for Graz's with 2 doubles. Blake Phillips also hit a double. Graz's started to rally in the 5th with singles from Ryan Murphy, and Augie Magnanti. Chase Larson pitched a great game for Graz's. The Mimassi twins shared the pitching duties for DB Allen striking out 6.
06-07-2019 Capri (6) @ Sahl's (5)

It was a nailbitter at the Capri @ Sahls game Friday night. Peyton Buehler only walked two runs. Nick Koenig struck out two consecutive players. Hitters for Capri were Peyton Buehler, Wyatt Judycki, Ethan Miller, Brayden Anderson and Izzy Miller all had hits and runs. Hitters and runs for Sahls included Dayton Williams, Nick Citriniti, Nick Koenig, Wyatt Davis. Final score of 6 to 5, Capri win.
06-03-19 - Graz's (10) @ Capri (1)

Peyton Buehler took the mound for Capri and Chase Larson for Graz's. Graz's took an early lead in the first 5-0 with a double from Parker Zeina to drive in the final runs of the inning. Wyatt Judycki had a hit in the first for Capri. Kaylee Corey singled and Aubree Corey doubled in the second. Evan Mason came on in relief to get the last out. Chase Larson and Victor Smith both singled and drove in a RBI in the 4th for Graz's. Brayden Anderson, Izzy Miller, and Nathan Kronafel had hits in the 4th. Aubree Corey drove in a RBI with her single for Capri. Evan Mason and Landon Volz had hits in the 5th and were drove in by Chase Larson's double. Final score 10-1.
06/01/19 - Graz's (10) @ Sahl's (3)

Graz's was also able to upset 1st place Sahl's on Saturday 10-3.
06/01/19 - DB Allen (10) @ Capri (11)

Izzy Miller's bases clearing single in the 4th propelled Capri over 1st place DB Allen 11-10. Peyton Beuhler got the win on the mound and recorded 4 strike outs. Peyton and Brayden Anderson hit doubles. Brayden LaGasse was 2-for-2 with a single and a double. Nathan Kronafel and Aubree Corey hit singles. Jayden Stapleton was 2-for-3 with two singles. Cohen Kraeger, Mitchell Mimassi, and Kali Kraeger also hit singles for DB Allen. Mitchell Mimassi, Jayden Stapleton, Camryn LoRusso, and Brayden Carro pitched for DB Allen.

05/31/19 - DB Allen (2) @ Sahl's (13)

A 1st inning grand slam by Nolan Bell put Sahl's ahead early and back into a tie for 1st place with DB Allen. Dayton Williams hit a double. Nicky Citriniti, Nick Koenig, Ashlynn Andrews, Deshawn Jacks, and Tyler Yan each singled in the game. Joseph Camerota, Darin Mimassi, and Brayden Carro had hits for DB Allen. Nick Koening pitch for Sahl's and recorded 6 strike outs. Darin Mimassi, Jayden Stapleton, Mitchell Mimassi, and Cohen Kraeger pitched for DB Allen.

05/22/19 - Capri (1) @ DB Allen (7)

Cohen Kraeger hit a double for DB Allen. Joseph Camerota, Darin Mimassi, and Brayden Carro each singled. Darin and Jayden Stapleton split the pitching duties for DB Allen. Nathan Kronafel hit 2-for-2 with a couple singles for Capri. Ethan Miller hit a shot to second base but Mitchell Mimassi scooped it up and made a great throw to 1st for the out. Peyton Buehler was the defensive standout for Capri making some great plays at 1st base. Peyton was also the starting pitcher.

05/18/19 - DB Allen (10) @ Sahl's (9)

DB Allen and Sahl’s had an extra innings battle for sole possession of 1st place on Saturday. The DB Allen bats got going in the 4th inning with a single by Joseph Camerota and an RBI double from Jayden Stapleton. Sahl's followed in the bottom with a Deshaun Jacks double and singles from Dayton Williams and Nicky Citriniti but couldn’t come up with any runs. DB Allen held an 8-5 lead heading in the final inning of regulation. With some aggressive base running Nolan Bell and Wyatt Davis led off with in the park home runs. Ashlynn Andrews doubled to put the tie run on second and Trenton Pryor hit a single. Deshaun hit into what ending up being a run-down allowing the tie run to cross the plate. DB Allen held on forcing the game into extra innings. Brayden Carro led off with a double for DB Allen. Jayden hit another RBI double to take the lead and Cohen Kraeger hit a triple to put DB Allen up by 2. Sahl’s wouldn’t give up in the bottom with another double by Ashlynn and a run scoring single from Deshaun. However the tie run was left on base and DB Allen won 10-9. Cohen, Brayden, and Jayden pitched for DB Allen. Nick Koenig started for Sahl’s and Dayton Williams came on in relief. Ashlyn hit 3-for-3, Nicky was 2-for-2, and Deshaun had a 2-for-3 day. Joseph made some great game changing defensive plays at shortstop for DB Allen.

05/16/19 - DB Allen (7) @ Clinton1 (8)

Joseph Camerota and Jayden Stapleton had hits for DB Allen in a 8-7 loss to Clinton 1.

05/15/19 - Sahl's (13) @ Graz's (4)

Dayton Williams, Nicky Citriniti, Nick Koenig, Nolan Bell, Wyatt Davis, and Ashlynn Andrews had hits for Sahl's. Evan Mason, Blake Philips, Chase Larson, Landon Volz, and Cole Larson had hits for Graz's. Nick Koenig and Nicky Citriniti pitched for Sahl's. Chase Larson and Evan Mason pitched for Graz's.

05/11/19 - Sahl's (9) @ Graz's (2)

Wyatt Davis, Nicky Citriniti, Nick Koenig, Nolan Bell, Dayton Williams, and Gavin Bronk had hits for Sahl's. Fred Smith, Ryan Murphy, Chase Larson, and Landon Volz had hits for Graz's. Dayton Williams pitched for Sahl's and Chase Larson pitched for Graz's.

05/11/19 - Capri (0) @ DB Allen (9)

Jayden Stapleton got things started for DB Allen with a RBI double to centerfield. The DB Allen bats then got hot in the 4th. Singles by Joseph Camerota and Mitchell Mimassi where followed by a Darin Mimassi triple and a single from Jayden. Camryn LoRusso also had a hit for DB Allen. Jayden and Darin were each 2-for-3 on the day. Mitchell had another 6 strikeout performance on the mound. Peyton Buehler, Wyatt Judyki, Aubree Corey, and Nathan Kronafel had hits for Capri. Pitching for Capri were Brayden LaGasse, Aubree Corey, and Peyton.

05/08/19 - Sahl's (8) @ DB Allen (4)

Nolan Bell's 3-RBI triple and 3-run in the park home run launched Sahl's back up to being tied for 1st place with DB Allen. Tyler Yan chipped in a double and Dayton Williams and Nicky Citriniti each had hits. Nick Koenig recorded 6 strike outs on the mound for Sahl's. DB Allen threatened in the 3rd with 3 runs on singles by Joeseph Camerota, Mitchell Mimassi, Darin Mimassi, and Jayden Stapleton. Spectacular defensive plays by Dayton at 1st base prevented a 4th inning rally by DB Allen. Cohen Kraeger and Darrin Mimassi did the pitching for DB Allen. Darin had 5 strike outs.
05/07/19 - Sahl's (3) @ DB Allen (5)

A single by Dayton Williams, followed by a Nicky Citriniti double, a Nick Koenig triple, and another single from Ashlyn Andews weren't enough for Sahl's to come back from an early 5-1 deficit
. Also with hits for Sahl's were Gavin Bronk and Wyatt Davis. Dayton, and Nick pitched for Sahl's. Jayden Stapleton started on the mound for DB Allen and Mitchell Mimassi came on in relief to strike out six. Jayden and Darin Mimassi had hits for DB Allen. The rematch on Wednesday night should be a good one!
05/04/19 - DB Allen (9) @ Capri (7)

Capri took a 4-2 lead after two innings with Brayden LaGasse striking out 6. Cohen Kraeger, Darin Mimassi , and Jayden Stapleton did the pitching for DB Allen. Cohen tied the game up in the 3rd with a 2 RBI single. DB Allen tacked one more on in the 4th with hits by Brayden Carro, Camryn LoRusso, and Khilee Camerota. In the top of the 5th DB Allen got a two out rally going with hits by Joseph Camerota, Mitchell Mimassi, Darin, and Cohen. Jayden followed those hit with a double to left field to make the score 9-4. It was Capri’s turn to rally in the bottom of the 5th. Collin Post starting things off with a hit and Peyton Beuhler, Wyatt Judyki, and Brayden followed. Capri was able to plate 3 runs in the last inning but lost a hard fought game 9-7. Peyton was 2-for-3 on the day and made some great defensive plays. Cohen hit 2-for-2 and the Mimiassi twins were each 2-for-3.

Graz's (0) @ Sahl's (6)

Nick Koenig's 6 strikouts help propel Sahl's over Graz's 6-0. Gavin Bronk, Nick, Jayden Schultz, Nolan Bell, and Wyatt Davis had hits for Sahl's. Chase Larson pitched for Graz's. Chase and Evan Mason had hits for Graz's.

05/01/19 - Capri (1) @ Sahl's (14)

Dayton Williams, Nicky Citriniti, Nick Koenig, Ashlyn Andrews, Mathew Dousharm, and Tyler Yan had hits for Sahl's in their 14-1 win over Capri.
04/30/19 - Graz's (2) @ DB Allen (6)

The first 2019 Minor League game of the season was played on Tuesday night. Mitchell Mimassi kept Graz's off the board the first two innings and struck out 6. DB Allen plated 6 runs after two innings. Darin Mimassi and Caysen Stapleton each had a hit for DB Allen. Graz's got a rally going in the 4th with a single by Evan Mason, a double from Chase Larson, following by singles from Landon Volz and Blake Phillips. Viktor Smith hit a single earlier in the game. DB Allen won with a final score of 6-2. Chase Larson and Evan Mason pitched for Graz's and each recorded three strike outs.
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